Series: Neon genesis evangelion.

Name: Evangelion unit 03; Unit 03.

Model: Second model Eva unit (brother of unit 04)

Pilot: Toji Suzuhara, Asuka Langley Soryu (OVA)

Modes: Normal Mode

Berserk Mode

Creator: Nerv (USA, second Branch, Massachusets)

Soul: None ( posessed by Bardiel)

Allegiance: Nerv; Bardiel.

Unit 03 is one of the two second model EVAS built in the USA. It is incorporated with an S2 engine which like EVA 02 gives it more autonomy and independence than its antecessors, it was brought to Japan after the dissapearance of its brother unit 04. Its pilot was Toji Suzuhara.

It is known from the batt
Eva-03 17

ready for combat

le with the others EVAS that it possesed an AT field and great alasticity, and that it was quite powerfull as it overpowered the rest of the EVAS until 01 awoke and tore it to pieces. That event costed the pilot of 03 one of his legs. As we only saw it in one battle we can´t say much about it except that it was a really strong mecha and it would have been great to see more of him in action.

It was really dark with red eyes.

In the Ova the pilot changes as it was Asuka the one piloting, but the results of the battle are the same, and Asuka goes into a coma afterwards .

Previous models: Failed prototypes

Eva 00 (evangelion 00)

EVA 01 (evangelion 01)

EVA 02 (evangelion 02)

Following models: EVA 04 (evangelion 04)

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