Hikaru Ichijo

Series: Superdimension Fortress Macross

Name: Ichijo Hikaru

Age: 16-18 (TV series)

18 (Movie)

Early twenties (Flashback 2012)

Family: Misa Ichijo (wife)

Unnamed father

Miku Ichijo (daughter)

Profession: Pilot.

Allegiance: UN; SDF-1; Megaroad-1.

Mecha: VF-1 "Valkyrie"; VF-4 "Lightning III"

Personality Edit

At the beginning of the series Hikaru as a typical teenager, with an impulsive and cocky personality with a problem with authority which initially puts him at odds with Misa and sometimes his former mentor Roy Focker. Like many youths he likes to fool around and irritate others around him, especially Misa. He is, however, quick to make friends and is extremely loyal to them.

As the series and the war goes on and after losing Roy his personality changes to a more serious responsible person and has a more military behavior with his insubordinations reducing considerably. He also shows skills of Leadership when he took over the Skull squadron after Roy's death.

Due to his troublesome sentimental life he also suffers when he knows he's hurt Misa or Minmay.

Abilities Edit

Hikaru VF1

Hikaru's Skull commander Valkyrie

Being trained since a young age by his father and Roy Hikaru is an outstanding pilot. This is proven by his maneuvres with his own plane during the first episode and later when he pilots a valkyrie and confronts several enemies without getting killed. When tought how to fly the valkyrie properly Hikaru shows a lot of ability as a fighter pilots and his interventions sometimes bring victory to his allies although his cockiness often gets him into trouble.As the series progresses so do Hikaru's abilities as seen during the final battle against the zentraedi when he destroys the enemy leader.

As a commander Hikaru is also shown to be really good giving good guidance to his pilots and having complete trust in them. His abilities both as a pilot and leader continue to grow after the series and just as Misa is give the command of the Megaroad-1 and its escort fleet Hikaru is given the command of all the variable fighters on the fleet. He is also one of the test pilots for the valkyrie's successor, the VF-4 "Lightning III".

Fate Edit

Hikaru scort

Hikaru escorting the Megaroad-1

After the events of superdimension fortress Macross Hikaru, Misa and Minmay leave earth on the first colony ship built by the humans the SDF-02 "Megaroad-1". This ship leaves earth on 2012 in search of new planets for colonization. However the UN spacy lost contact with the ship four years later on unknown circumstances and the fate of the three war heroes is still unknown and is one of the biggest mysteries on the macross saga.

It is known that Misa bore him a daughter before their disappearance, Miku Ichijo.