Series: Patlabor

Name: Python

Model: Police labor unit model MPL-97s "python"

Variant: MPL-97t (trainer version)

Pilot: Tokyo police pilots

Mode: Mecha mode

Creator: Manabe heavy industries

Allegiance: Tokyo metropolitan police special vehicles unit, section 1

The MPL-97 pythons are the section 1's anti-crime labors. They are older than the "Ingram" but are equally efective on some situations like dealing with stolen labor units or rogue labors, mainly construction. However, unlike the Ingram, the python doesn't stand a chance against military labors, proved when fighting the "Phantom" and the "Brocken" units. Their job can be defined as mainly police work and they are equipped as such with a shield and a stun stick as well as a gun, this peculiarities along with its appearance make it look like an antiriot policeman.

Although it was temporally substituted by the SRX-70, it was reinstaurated when the other one was returned to Schaft. Although this unit can still do his job time and more modern labors have proved the Python obsolete and so plans have been made to change it by modern patlabors, one of the options being the Ingram Economy, a cheaper version of the Ingram, however after the failure of both the Economy model and the Economy model Mk II, it was the AV-0 "Peacemaker" the one to substitute the"Python" in section 1.