L-99 soviet labor

Series: Patlabor

Name: Doshka

Model: Military labor L-99 "Doshka"

Pilot: Defected soviet general/ soviet pilots/ terrorist

Mode: mecha mode

Creator: Kronstadt tank works/ Leningrad science academy

Allegiance: Soviet union/ A certain southeastern asian country

This unit is introduced as a heavy attacker labor from the soviet army. It is painted on red and its design ressembles that of a tank. A public safety division agent aproached Section 2 about a terrorist plot to steal one of this units that was being delivered to a southeastern asian country in a soviet carrier, as they has bought them from the soviets and had they had made a stop in one of the Japanese ports. This sale attracted international atention as several agencies sent men and women to keep an eye on it, maybe because of the great firepower this Labor had.

However it was later discovered that it was all a plan from the Public safety division to get the robot from one defector of the soviet KGB, however when the general saw Noa on "Alphonse" felt betrayed and started to shoot with all the labor's firepower easily overpowering "Alphonse", as it was armed with cannons and machine guns, similar to the HAL X-10  but older. It was only defeated when the terrorist who had also been decieved helped Noah with another L-99 unit. Of the two units one was destroyed and the other one was, maybe, given back to the soviets or most likely taken by Japan for investigation.