Series: Patlabor

Name: "Samson"

Model: Military labor AL-97B "Samson"

Mode: Mecha mode.

Pilots: JGSDF pilots

Creator: Hishi Heavy industries.

Allegiance: JSDF

This military labor was one of the first military labors seen on the series and belongs to the Japanese ground defense forces. This mass produced military labor has a wide variety of weapons and is used as a long to medium range combat weapon and unlike the ARL-99 "Helldiver" from Shinohara heavy industries it lacks any close combat capacities. It is equipped or can be equipped with a smoke discharger, a cannon a mini gun and a multiple rocket launcher, usually mounted on it's shoulder. Due to it's characteristics it's ideal to provide support from a medium to a long distance. It is also slower than other labors

Even though it's a reliable labor, proven by the military's trust on it, it proved not to be a match against newer more advanced labors like seen in the incidents against the "Phantom" or the HAL X-10. Like the ARL-99 it was used by JSDF during a UN on a certain southeastern asian country.