Schaft's R-13 EX

Series: Patlabor

Name: Phantom

Model: Prototype model Type R-13 EX "Phantom"

Pilots: Unknown

Modes: Mecha mode

Creator: Schaft Enterprises Japan

Allegiance: Schaft Enterprises

This experimental military labor was the creation of Schaft enterprises Japan, it was advanced in many aspects, as it used beam technology and its jamming system and stealth system made him earn the name phantom . It first appeared in Tokyo's port scorted by 4 "Brocken" units. The objective was to fight against division's 2 "ingram" as a real combat test for it, however it first defeated, with the help of the "Brocken" several units like section 1 "python", by jamming their comunication and general systems and making them defenseless against it. This labor proved to be more effective than the AV-98 in several aspects specially in firepower, in which it really outmatched it. In this occasion it was also seen acting against two JSDF "helldivers" without trouble. It took a lot of time and damage for both units one and two, main damage made to unit 2, to take it down.

This unit was upgraded in someway after its first appearance and maade another appearance in a japanese island where the JSDF and a private security company were testing the new labor SR-70 "Saturn" in which it defeated completely several JSDF units, including a helldiver, and also Unit 2 from the second section, with the help of the SR-70, but they were defeated and destroyed by unit one and an upgraded unit three. It is known that Schaft interrupted the work on this labor to work in other project, however it is unknown how many units were built. This two experiments marked the initiation of hostilities between Schaft and the police. Before the arrival of the J-9 it was the one that made more damage to the "Ingram".