Series: Patlabor.


Model: Anti-crime prototype labor SRX-70

Variants: SR-70 "Saturn"

Pilots: Tokyo police pilots

Modes: Mecha mode

Creator: Toyohata Auto/ Schaft enterprises Japan

Allegiance: Tokyo metropolitan police; Special vehicles unit; Section 1

This Patlabor is introduced as a new model for SVU section 1 to replace the old model, the "python", as it was more modern and had more fire power than it, it is presented as even stronger than the AV-98, what angers Noa and excites Gotoh. This patlabor was equiped with an electric baton and a 42 milimeter gun adapted to its size, making it superior in firepower to the Ingram, it also was an effective close combat fighter without both of those things. However this robot was returned to Schaft enterprises when captain Nagumo and her team refused to use it more after discovering that Schaft was stealing the combat data to put it on their military labors which greatly upset them. However this robot was developed into a powerfull labor used by private security firms, seemingly related to Schaft, it was renamed as the SR-70 "Saturn", which greatly upsets Shinobu.