Mecha mode

Series: Eureka Seven

Name: Terminus R-808

Model: LFO Special forces model Terminus R-808

Pilot: Hilda

Modes: Mecha mode

Vehicle mode

Creator: United federation

Allegiance: United federation special forces (former); Gekkostate

This LFO was created by the federation to be part of its special forces but was stolen by the Gekkostate members when they left. This LFO's pilot is Hilda, unlike R-606 this LFO is a one seat LFO so there isn't any copilot. One peculiarity is that this LFO has its head sensors only one side of the head giving it a strange apearanced as it appears one-eyed.

This LFO is armed with two long range beam cannons that give him the Highest firepower amongst gekkostate mechas. It also is equipped with dual disc knives. Due to its strong fire power and its deficiency in close combat it usually stays at the rear supporting the rest of its team, this is also due to the fact that it consumes a large ammount of energy so it has little range of activity, sometimes forcing Hilda to return to the gekko before the battle is over.

As most of the models from th

Vehicle mode

e terminus series the LFO also can transform into a ground vehicle and when it does it ressembles a tank or a mobile artillery unit due to the cannons in the back, which can also be fired in this mode providing assistance when retreating.