Series: Macross plus; Macross 7.

Name: Variable fighter (VF-11) "thundervolt"

Model: VF-11

Variants: VF-X11 (Prototype)

VF-11A (First produced unit)

VF-11B (Estandard Version, improved)

VF-11C (With enhanced navigational electronic equipment)

VF-11D (two seated version of VF- 11C)

VF-11D custom (improved, deployed with Jamming bird squad)

VF-11 MAXL (with sound technology, same engine as VF-17 "nightmare"

VF-11 full armor (Heavy armored unit)

Pilots: UN pilots

Modes: Fighter mode

Gerwalk mode

Battleroid mode

Creator: Shinsei industries

Allegiance: UN spacy.

The VF-11 "Thunderbolt" is the successor of the VF-4 as the main variable fighter of the UN spacy and has a lot of similarities with the first Variable fighter VF-1 as the gerwalk and battleroid modes a laser gunpod in the head of its third pod and the possible addition of extrabusters if needed. It was made the oficial fighter of the UN as of 2030 and can be found on UN fleets and colonies. However after almost a decade of active service the decision to replace it was made, two diferent VF's competed for the honor YF-19 from the same company and the YF-21, the YF-19 one becoming the protype for the VF-19 "Excalibur", the YF-22 would later become the protype of the VF-22 "Sturmvogel II", but
VF-11 Thunderbolt


even 5 years later the VF-11 was still in service and the VF-19 had just started replacing it.

One debate that arose during the early production of the fighter was the addition of forward canard wings, which some pilots defended, amongst them was Captain Millia Jenius who defended with passion the adition of this wings. One prototype of each was created to prove which was better, but after Millia used the one with canards wings to rescue a UN advisor Shinsei industries decided to manufacture it.

On its weaponry it includes an anti-aircraft beam also used as a missile interceptor, a multipurpose Gunpod with an antiarmor bayonette, hardpoints on the wings as well of a great variety of ranges missiles as well as high maneuverability ones, it also is extremely useful in hand to hand combat. As its predecessor it carries high tech equipment as well as the needed equipment for the survival of the pilot.

This fighters engines are solid fuel rockets and can be complemented with an extra speed pack. On the atmosphere this fighter has been known to reach Mach 8.2 but on space it can reach Mach 22 or more.

This fighter was one of the one adapted for Sound force, in Macross seven, this ones also included Sound technology and were proven really efective against the enemy, some of this fighters were

armor mode

equipped with technology of more modern VF's such as the VF- 17. This fighter has a heavy armor variant that is used in combats against difficult enemies and has been really successful on its operations the VF-11 fullarmor.